Paladin Punks


Paladin Punks are modeled after real people, inspiring early adopters of the web3 realm using the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to lead by example and inspire change. We will start with ladies first in this V1 collection, in the V2 collection we will also model after real Web3 men and you can be one of the people this project will be modeled after. You can visit our project inside the metaverse to get a tour of the project and hear all about the vision of the Paladin Punks community. Visit for more information and direct contact with the project founders. You can now reserve your minting spot by getting our Paladin Punks Mint Pass inside the Paladin Punks Museum, walk over to the store and have the coolest minting experience ever. You can even win a Paladin Punk modeled after yourself, follow the project on Twitter to find out more.

Chain: Ethereum

Public Sale Price: 0.0232 ETH

Mint Pass: 0.000232 ETH

Collection: 2320 Items

Category: Utility

Mint Date:


Mint Pass