Crypto Robot City


Crypto Robot is a Ethereum-Chain NFT project, with a total collection of 1565 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Hello @everyone I know some of you might be wondering what's the benefits of someone holding our NFTS. Benefits: Among the first benefits for our holders will be 21 free nfts wild cards for the first buyers, 1 month of free discord nitro, participate in digital art raffles, participate in different giveaways for great prizes ranging from smartphones to subscriptions to streaming platforms, Access to our online clothing store with the option to purchase products at low prices and get discount coupons. and in the future to be part of the free airdrop of our token and actively participate in future projects ranging from an investment platform to a play to earn videogame, you can review the benefits in more detail on the roadmap on the website, In addition, after a while we will buy your nfts again for double their value. So thats our benefits so mint a nft in order to enjoy our great benefits and comunity, together we are going to the moon.


Chain: Thereum

Public Sale Price: 0.02 ETH

Collection: 1565 Items

Category: Collectible

Mint Date: