Bit Bird Club is a collection of 5555 one-of-a-kind stunning pixel art NFTs characterized by feathers, toothless beaks, and ready to spread their wings on the Ethereum Chain! BBC evokes a nostalgic feeling with a touch of recognizable characteristics. The BBC NFTs are part of the NestX marketplace and are positioned as founder NFTs with a wide range of utilities. Bit Bird Club holders are qualified for the NestX token airdrop, can claim free weekly mystery boxes, generate passive income by staking, and permit holders with NFT trading discounts on the NestX Marketplace.

Can you highlight in the tweets the airdrop? BBC NFT holders will receive the NestX Token Airdrop

You can share 5 wl spots if you want. Just let me know the wallet from the investors that want the WL


Chain: Ethereum

Public Sale Price: 0.036 ETH

Collection: 5555 Items

Category: Pixel Art

Mint Date: